prEN 15330-5

Surfaces for sport areas - Synthetic turf and textile sports surfaces - Part 5: Specification for infill materials

prEN 15330-5
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This document: a) specifies minimum performance and durability and requirements for infill materials used in synthetic turf, and textile sports surfaces; b) describes how the performance of an infill is to be measured, and the results classified; c) specifies the physical and chemical properties of an infill that are to be declared in a manufacturer’s product declaration; d) specifies minimum production control tolerance to ensure consistency of infill materials between production batches; e) describes how reclaimed infill is to be tested to assess its suitability for reuse. NOTE 1 The sports performance characteristics of a synthetic turf or textile sports surface are provided by the combined characteristics of the synthetic turf or textile surface, any infill within the playing surface pile and any shockpad. The selection of the correct permutations of each is complex and the responsibility of the sports surface designer. NOTE 2 If infill materials migrate from a synthetic turf or textile sports surface into the surrounding natural environment, they become a source of contamination. To minimize the risk this occurring, guidance on how to prevent infill migration from the sports facility is given in CEN Technical Report PD CEN/TR 17519.
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