prEN 17388-1

Flexible sheets for waterproofing — Environmental product declaration -Product Category Rules for bituminous and synthetic flexible sheets for (roof) waterproofing — Part 1: Cradle to grave

prEN 17388-1
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This document provides Product Category Rules (PCR) for the assessment of the environmental performance of bituminous and synthetic flexible sheets for which the intended use is roof waterproofing. NOTE The reference product standards are EN 13707 and EN 13956. This standard shall be used for the development and issue of full cradle to grave EPD’s using - either generic data and generic system specifications (scenario’s) for Generic EPDs; - or specific data and specific system specifications (scenario’s), for Specific EPDs. This PCR includes requirements and rules to: - define the parameters to be declared and the way in which they are collected and reported; - describe which stages of a product’s life cycle are considered in the EPD and which processes are to be included in the life cycle stages; - include the rules for calculating the Life Cycle Inventory and the Life Cycle Impact Assessment underlying an EPD, including the specification of the quality of the applied data; - define generic data and system specifications which shall be used for Generic EPD. This standard is developed according to EN 15804 and EN 15942. These European standards provide the means for developing a Type III environmental declaration of construction products and they are part of a suite of standards that are intended to assess the sustainability of construction works.
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