prEN 17549-2

Building information modelling - Information structure based on EN ISO 16739 1 to exchange data templates and data sheets for construction objects - Part 2: Configurable construction objects and requirements

prEN 17549-2
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The digital transformation of the construction industry includes also the digital transformation of the supply chaine of construction products. With EN ISO 16739-1 exists an open language to design, transfer and maintain construction models. The construction models (e.g. of a building) contain a digital twin of real-life products. The data of these products should be transported in a digital format on the way from the factory to the building owner. This product data should be expressed also in an easy and open way. The creators of product data files should be able to do this manually or automatically, as they like it. The users of product data should be able to use it to: • Express their requirements related to products • Describe configurable products • Import product data easily in the BIM models at any stage of the project (design, construction, operation) • Export product data easily from the BIM models at any stage of the project (design, construction, operation) These scenarios fit in the business models of manufacturers, planners, construction companies and facility managers. The working group 4 of CEN-TC442 has published proposals for creating new work items in the sector of CEN regarding the storage and the transport of product data in the sector of building information modelling (BIM): EN ISO 16739-1:2018: Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) for data sharing in the construction and facility management industries- Part 1: Data schema EN ISO 12006-3: Building construction – Organization of information about construction works – Part 3: Framework for object-oriented information prEN ISO 23386: Building information modelling and other digital processes used in Construction – Methodology to describe, author and maintain properties in interconnected dictionaries prEN ISO 23387: Data templates for construction works entities, Part 1: Objects, collections, and relationships defining the general structure of data templates This standard defines a format to negotiate product data templates, express requirements and describe configurable products and therefore fills the missing link between the product data sources (e.g. catalogs) from the manufacturers and the BIM models of the designers, builders, and owners.
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