prEN 17795-5

Entertainment Technology - Codes of Practice - Part 5: Lifting and motion Operations in the Event Industry

prEN 17795-5
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This document provides a set of guidelines for lifting and motion operations related to machinery and machinery installations used in staging and production facilities for events. For the purpose of this document there is no difference between rigging as known in the event industry and lifting and motion operations in theatres. Such facilities may include, but not exclusively, theatres, multipurpose halls, studios, production facilities for film, television or radio, concert halls, congress centres, schools, exhibition centres, trade-fair centres, museums, discotheques, amusement parks, sports facilities and open-air-theatres. Events are, for example, concerts, shows, congresses, exhibitions, presentations, demonstrations, film or television recordings, etc. This document covers the use of machinery employed in the event industry including machinery defined in point j Article 1.2 of Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC): “machinery intended to move performers during artistic performances” For the purposes of this document, machinery installations are all technical installations and equipment used for operations in stage and production facilities in the event industry. Such installations are used to lift, lower, suspend and move loads which may include but not exclusively, scenery or objects, truss systems, lighting, audiovisual, sound equipment or performers. Typical lifting and motion operations may include but are not limited to the following: - auditorium elevators; - compensating elevators; - fly bar systems (manual and motor driven); - lighting bars; - movable lighting towers; - movable stage platforms (stage wagons); - movable proscenium arches; - orchestra elevators; - point hoists; - chain hoist; - projection screens (manual or motor-driven); - scenery storage elevators; - side stage and rear stage shutters; - stage elevators; - tiltable stage floors; - trap elevators. The guidelines in this document also apply to machinery installations based on new technologies or specially designed installations which are not expressly mentioned here but which nevertheless operate in a similar manner or are meant for similar purposes to those listed above.
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