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Electrostatic hand-held spraying equipment - Safety requirements - Hand-held spraying equipment for non-ignitable coating materials

prEN 50059
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1.1 This document specifies the requirements for hand-held or hand-operated electrostatic spraying equipment for non-ignitable liquid coating materials which — do not generate an explosive atmosphere inside the spraying area, — are used to process materials with a conductivity of less than 2 000 µS/cm, and — operate with direct current having a sinusoidal ripple of not more than 10 % of the rms value. This document deals with all electrical hazards significant for the electrostatic spraying of non-ignitable liquid coating materials, which could also contain small quantities of added metal particles, if the work is carried out under conditions recommended by the manufacturer. This document specifies the design-related and test requirements for electrostatic spraying equipment of type A-NL according to of EN 50348:2010, Table 1. 1.2 With regard to all other significant hazards relevant for applicators (e.g. ejection of fluids, mechanical strength, electrical (with the exception of electrostatic) hazards, noise, contact with or inhalation of dangerous substances, ergonomics), the requirements of EN 1953 apply. 1.3 This document also gives details regarding quality assurance systems for electrostatic spraying equipment; see Annex D. 1.4 For electrostatic spraying equipment used in food and pharmaceutical industry, additional requirements could apply. 1.5 This document is not applicable to: — electrostatic hand-held spraying equipment for non-ignitable coating materials which are manufactured before the date of its publication, — cleaning of spraying areas, see instruction manual of the spraying booth, — fire prevention and protection (for instance fire hazards due to other sources; see EN 16985), — requirements for machinery for the supply and recirculation of coating material under pressure (see EN 12621). The requirements of EN 12621 apply in terms of specific requirements regarding machinery for the supply and recirculation of coating materials under pressure.
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