prEN IEC 60519-4:2021

Safety in electroheating installations - Part 4: Particular requirements for arc furnace installations

IEC 60519-4:202X; prEN IEC 60519-4:2021
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25.180.10 Elektriahjud
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This part of IEC 60519 provides particular safety requirements for arc furnace installations. This document deals with the significant hazards, hazardous situations or hazardous events relevant to industrial arc furnace installations, as listed in Annex A, for normal operation and for single fault condition as well as under conditions of reasonably foreseeable misuse. This document specifies the requirements intended to be met by the manufacturer to ensure the safety of persons and property during the complete life cycle of the equipment from design through commissioning, operation, maintenance, inspection, to decommissioning, as well as in the event of foreseeable single fault condition that can occur in the equipment. The rated voltage of arc furnace installation can be in the range of low voltage or high voltage, details are given in 4.2. This standard is applicable to arc furnace installations such as: a) furnaces for direct arc heating, forming arcs between the electrode and metal such as the electric arc furnace using alternating current (EAF AC) or direct current (EAF DC), and the ladle furnace (LF); b) furnaces for arc-resistance heating forming arcs between the electrode and the charge material or heating the charge material by the Joule effect, such as the submerged arc resistance furnace using alternating current (SAF AC), or direct current (SAF DC). NOTE In some documents the terms smelter or electrical reduction furnace are used. Furnace installation for unattended operation is not covered by this standard. This document does not provide requirements for type testing. NOTE Industrial equipment covered by this document is typically produced as a single unit or a very small number of units; such unit usually has a very high value and can cause severe harm at disintegration. This document does not address data security and hazards arising from neglect of security. With respect to noise of electrical an arc furnace, ISO 13578:2017, 6.1.23 applies.
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