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prEN IEC 61400-4:2023

Wind energy generation systems - Part 4: Design requirements for wind turbine gearboxes

88/971/CDV; prEN IEC 61400-4:2023
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prEN IEC 61400-4:2023
This part of the IEC 61400 series is applicable to enclosed speed increasing gearboxes for horizontal axis wind turbine drivetrains with a power rating in excess of 500 kW. This standard applies to newly designed gearboxes for wind turbines installed onshore or offshore. The technical requirements given in this standard are not intended for repaired or refurbished gearboxes, or for the extension of the service life beyond the design life.
This International Standard provides requirements and guidance on the analysis of the wind turbine loads in relation to the design of the gear and gearbox elements. The gearing elements covered by this standard include such gears as spur, helical or double helical and their combinations in parallel and epicyclic arrangements in the main power path. This standard does not apply to power take off (PTO) gears.
This standard includes requirements, design recommendations, and rating of gearboxes with rolling bearings, plain bearings, or combinations of both bearing types.
Also included are requirements and guidance on the engineering of shafts, shaft hub interfaces, lubrication, wind turbine controller interface, and the gear case structure to accomplish a design that is capable to withstand the environment and operating conditions of a wind turbine.
Requirements for dynamic analysis of the gearbox within the wind turbine system are specified for the purpose of identifying load levels exceeding the predictions of the global aeroelastic simulation. The analysis of noise transmission and emission (e.g. tonal emission at gear mesh frequencies) is not within the scope of this document.
Further, this International Standard provides requirements and guidance on gearbox design verification, prototype testing and production testing, as well as consideration of design for service and maintenance.
Requirements and guidance for a systematic assessment of the design reliability of a gearbox design under reference operating conditions are given in IEC/TS 61400-4-1.
This International Standard is supported by two Technical Reports: IEC/TR 61400-4-2 provides additional information on lubrication of wind turbine drivetrains and IEC/TR 61400-4-3 contains explanatory notes and supportive information to the requirements specified in this standard.
The standard is written with conformity assessment and certification of the wind turbine in accordance with IECRE OD-501 in mind. The specific requirements for documenting conformity of a gearbox design with the technical requirements of this International Standard are described in IECRE OD-501-2.
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