prEN IEC 61810-7-13:2023

Electrical relays - Tests and Measurements - Part 7-13: Corrosive atmospheres - Polluted atmospheres

94/932/CDV; prEN IEC 61810-7-13:2023
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This part of IEC 61810-7 is used for testing all kind of relays within the scope of technical committee 94 and shall evaluate their ability to perform under expected conditions of transportation, storage and all aspects of operational use.
The tests stated here within shall be done with test conditions and appropriate severities, as well as suitable measurements conditions.
The object of this test is to define a standard test method to ensure that the DUT performs satisfactorily at its specified energization values throughout the defined temperature range.
The tests assess the suitability of the DUT for its use and/or storage in corrosive atmospheres, in particular atmospheres polluted with sulfur dioxide or hydrogen sulfide. The test conditions simulate an artificial situation and allow a performance comparison for usability of DUTs with regard to known and existing switching solutions.
NOTE 1: The test is a static test without actual operation of the DUT to simulate a worst case scenario for corrosion. That is, because corrosion grows over time and its nature of layer growths to potentially create stickings, resistance increase or other undesired effects may be affected by DUT actuations, that may destroy the layers or hide long-term effects.
NOTE 2: In addition to polluted atmospheres, the suitability of the DUT for use and/or storage in corrosive atmospheres may be assessed in a salt-laden atmosphere as described in IEC 61810-7-44, All-or-nothing relays – Tests and measurements – Part 7-44: Salt mist.
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