prEN IEC 61936-1:2020

Power installations exceeding 1 kV AC and 1,5 kV DC - Part 1: AC

prEN IEC 61936-1:2020; IEC 61936-1:202X
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This part of IEC 61936 provides requirements for the design and the erection of electrical power installations in systems with nominal voltages above 1 kV AC and nominal frequency up to and including 60 Hz, so as to provide safety and proper functioning for the use intended. For the purpose of interpreting this standard, an electrical power installation is considered to be one of the following: r) substation, including substation for railway power supply, s) electrical power installations on mast, pole and tower, switchgear and/or transformers located outside a closed electrical operating area, t) one (or more) power station(s) located on a single site, the electrical power installation includes generators and transformers with all associated switchgear and all electrical auxiliary systems. Connections between generating stations located on different sites are excluded, u) the electrical system of a factory, industrial plant or other industrial, agricultural, commercial or public premises, v) electrical power installations on offshore facilities for the purpose of generation, transmission, distribution and/or storage of electricity and w) transition towers/poles (between overhead lines and underground lines). The electrical power installation includes, among others, the following equipment: – rotating electrical machines, – switchgear, – transformers and reactors, – converters, – cables, – wiring systems, – batteries, – capacitors, – earthing systems, – buildings and fences which are part of a closed electrical operating area, – associated protection, control and auxiliary systems, and – large air core reactor. NOTE 1 In general, equipment standards take precedence over the requirements of this standard. This standard does not apply to the design and erection of any of the following: – overhead and underground lines between separate electrical power installations, – electrified railway tracks and rolling stock, – mining equipment and installations, – fluorescent lamp installations, – installations on ships according to IEC 60092 [34] series and offshore units according to IEC 61892 [35] series, which are used in the offshore petroleum industry for drilling, processing and storage purposes, – electrostatic equipment (e.g. electrostatic precipitators, spray-painting units), – test sites and – medical equipment, e.g. medical X-ray equipment. This standard does not apply to the design of prefabricated, type-tested switchgear and high voltage/low voltage prefabricated substation, for which separate IEC standards exist. NOTE 2 The scope of this standard does not include the requirements for carrying out live working on electrical power installations. NOTE 3 The scope of this standard consider safety requirements for HV installations and its influences on LV installations. For electrical installations up to 1 kV, the standard IEC 60364 series applies.
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