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Non-destructive testing - Qualification and certification of NDT personnel (ISO/DIS 9712:2021)

ISO/DIS 9712; prEN ISO 9712
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This document specifies requirements for the qualification and certification of personnel who perform industrial non-destructive testing (NDT) in the following methods. a) acoustic emission testing; b) eddy current testing; c) thermographic testing; d) leak testing (hydraulic pressure tests excluded); e) magnetic testing; f) penetrant testing; g) radiographic testing; h) strain gauge testing; i) ultrasonic testing; j) visual testing (direct unaided visual tests and visual tests carried out during the application of another NDT method are excluded). The system specified in this document is also applicable to other NDT methods or to NDT techniques within an established NDT method, provided a comprehensive scheme of certification exists and the NDT method or NDT technique is covered by International, regional or national standards or the NDT method or NDT technique has been demonstrated to be effective to the satisfaction of the certification body. NOTE 1 The term "industrial" implies the exclusion of applications in the field of medicine. NOTE 2 CEN/TR 14748 provides guidance for methodology for qualification of NDT systems. NOTE 3 This document specifies requirements for what are, in effect, third party conformity assessment schemes. These requirements do not directly apply to conformity assessment by second or first parties, but relevant parts of this document can be referred to in such arrangements. NOTE 4 The term “direct unaided visual testing” implies where there is an uninterrupted optical path from the observer’s eye to the test area and the observer uses no tools or devices (e.g. mirror, lens, endoscope, fibre optic, etc…). NOTE 5 Calculations of strain based on other NDT methods are excluded.
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