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Fire safety - Part 2: Safety signs

This standard specifies safety signs that are used to ensure fire safety (fire safety signs) and their meaning, shape, colour, use and installation instructions. Standard has been prepared based on the safety signs that are described in International Standard ISO 7010 "Graphical symbols – Safety colours and safety signs – Safety signs used in workplaces and public areas". Fire safety signs are divided according to field of application: signs that prohibit flammable or explosive action (prohibition signs); sings that warn for fire- or explosion hazard (warning signs); sings that organize evacuation in case of fire or other emergency in building (evacuation signs); signs that guide to rescue equipment (firefighting signs); signs that address to mandatory actions to ensure fire safety (mandatory signs). Fire safety signs installed in any place where their use is necessary to ensure fire safety. Fire safety signs that were used before this standard came into force do not need to replace, if their meaning is understandable and unambiguous. The use of different fire safety signs in the same building should be avoided.

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