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Construction design documents

The standard deals with the scope, composition and the level of precision of the information to be submitted in the building design of a house, erections of landscape design, a road and utility networks. Public roads are excluded. The core of the subject-matter includes the design tasks to be accomplished in the course of the drawing up of a building design, the information to be presented and its level of precision. The standard defines the main terms and definitions being applied in design work and drawing-up a building design. The principles of building-design and the stages of building-design are defined together with their goals and scope. The major design fields of building-design are defined. The principles of design management and the scope and range of the activities of a party which is conducting and coordinating the drawing up of a building design are described. The basis data and design briefs essential for the drawing up of a building design are described. Requirements are set to the scope of a building design and to the precision of the information to be submitted along the design fields and design stages. The standard does not include guidelines or rules for the formal presentation of a building design and design documents.

Changes from previous version:

Selles standardis on ühtseks „Ehitusprojektiks“ kokku pandud varem eraldi standardites käsitletud: EVS 811:2012 „Hoone ehitusprojekt“ ja EVS 907:2010 „Rajatise ehitusprojekt“. Senisest rohkem on esitatud selgitusi projekteerimise olemuse, töökorralduse põhimõtete ja üldise rolli kohta ehituses. Samuti on standardis varasemast enam esile toodud tellija sisuka lähteülesande vajadust ning rõhutatud tellija ülesandeid projekteerimisega seonduvas, et jõuda soovitud lõpptulemuseni.

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