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EVS-EN 15254-4:2018

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Extended application of results from fire resistance tests - Non-loadbearing walls - Part 4: Glazed constructions

This document provides guidance and, where appropriate, defines procedures for variations of certain parameters and factors associated with the design of fire resistant glazed elements which have been tested in accordance with EN 1364-1:2015, and classified according to EN 13501-2. Extended application of fire resistant glazed elements is based on test evidence. This standard only applies to vertically installed fire resistant glazed elements. This standard does not apply to door sets and openable windows according to EN 1634-1 and does not apply to curtain walling – full configuration or curtain walling – part configuration according to EN 1364-3 and EN 1364-4. Glass block assemblies and paver units and channel-shaped glass as defined in EN 1051-1 and EN 572-7 are excluded. There is currently insufficient information available to enable rules for extended application to be developed for these products.

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