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Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT);Common Interface (CI);Part 5: Network (NWK) layer

  • Status: Valid
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  • Base Documents: EN 300 175-5 V2.7.1
  • ICS Group: 33 Telecommunications. Audio and video engineering
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The present document is one of the parts of the specification of the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) Common Interface (CI). The present document specifies the Network (NWK) layer. The NWK layer is part 5 of the ETSI EN 300 175 and layer 3 of the DECT protocol stack. (3) Network layer C-plane / Network layer U-plane (2b) DLC layer C-plane / DLC layer U-plane (2a) MAC layer (1) Physical layer Figure 1a The present document only specifies the C-plane (control plane) of the DECT NWK layer. It contains no specification for the U-plane (user plane) because the U-plane is null for all services at the DECT NWK layer. The C-plane contains all of the internal signalling information, and the NWK layer protocols are grouped into the following families of procedures: • Call Control (CC); • Supplementary Services (SS); • Connection Oriented Message Service (COMS); • ConnectionLess Message Service (CLMS); • Mobility Management (MM); • Link Control Entity (LCE). The present document uses the layered model principles and terminology as described in Recommendations ITU-T X.200 [i.3] and ITU-T X.210 [i.4]. The present document includes New Generation DECT, a further development of the DECT standard introducing wideband speech, improved data services, new slot types and other technical enhancements.

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