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Particle size analysis -- Laser diffraction methods

  • Status: Valid
  • Estimated date of Estonian translation publication:
  • Related Documents: None
  • Superseded Documents: ISO 13320-1:1999
  • Superseding Documents: None
  • Base Documents: None
  • ICS Group: 19.120 Particle size analysis. Sieving
  • Directives: None

ISO 13320:2009 provides guidance on instrument qualification and size distribution measurement of particles in many two-phase systems (e.g. powders, sprays, aerosols, suspensions, emulsions and gas bubbles in liquids) through the analysis of their light-scattering properties. It does not address the specific requirements of particle size measurement of specific materials. ISO 13320:2009 is applicable to particle sizes ranging from approximately 0,1 �m to 3 mm. With special instrumentation and conditions, the applicable size range can be extended above 3 mm and below 0,1 �m. For non-spherical particles, a size distribution is reported, where the predicted scattering pattern for the volumetric sum of spherical particles matches the measured scattering pattern. This is because the technique assumes a spherical particle shape in its optical model. The resulting particle size distribution is different from that obtained by methods based on other physical principles (e.g. sedimentation, sieving).

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