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CEN/TR 15985:2010

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Thermal insulating products - Factory made products of expanded polystyrene (EPS) - Voluntary certification of the raw material

It is essential that EPS products with a reaction to fire performance better than Euroclass F be manufactured from raw materials with a chemical composition, which is under the control of the raw material producer. This Technical Report specifies the conditions allowing reduction of the FPC frequency for testing the reaction to fire of specimens made from flame retardant EPS raw material. The preconditions are that products are manufactured solely from a specified, certified raw material, within defined density limits, and produced in the way specified by the raw material supplier. The frequency of testing the final product can be reduced in accordance with EN 13163:2008, Annex B, Table B.2 footnote to table h. It is essential that the reaction to fire performance of the raw material be labelled according to 9.2 in the certificate from an approved body (see EN 13172:2008, 5.3.3 and Annex A). The certification of the raw material relates only to products for which the reaction to fire Euroclass E according to EN 13501-1 is being claimed. The manufacturer of the EPS boards / products continues to be responsible for the FPC of the EPS boards / products. This Technical Report is in accordance with the general rules of EN 13172.

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