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CEN/TS 15480-4:2012

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Identification card systems - European Citizen Card - Part 4: Recommendations for European Citizen Card issuance, operation and use

CEN/TS 15480-4 recommends card issuance and operational procedures including citizens' registration. CEN/TS 15480-4 gives recommendations with regard to the end-user e.g. with respect to privacy and accessibility aspects. CEN/TS 15480-4 also identifies a set of standard ECC card profiles (e.g. National ID Card, Health Card, Card issued by a Municipality), that can be used as basis for the specification of new ECC projects. For each profile, this Technical Specification uses a specified template which - selects a subset of technical requirements from CEN/TS 15480-1, CEN/TS 15480-2:2011 and CEN/TS 15480-3:2010. - considers the operation of the ECC in its particular environment. The target audience of CEN/TS 15480-4 is the card issuer.

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