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CLC/TR 50542-1:2014

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Railway applications – Driver's cab train display controller (TDC) - Part 1: General architecture

In accordance with the ERTMS/ETCS specifications, Subset 121, UIC 612 leaflet, ERA ERTMS-015560 3.3.0 document, EN 50126 and EN 61375 series requirements, this Technical Report describes the Train Display System (TDS) in the driver’s cab, and the link between the TDS/TDC and some of its interfaces.The scope of the Train Display System (TDS) thus includes: a) Functions, except functions defined in the ETCS Subset 121. These functions describe exchanges between TDC and the connected display systems; b) Performance allocation (RAMS included as per EN 50126): for each function defined in item a), defining the performances needed and the degraded modes recovering; c) Needs for certification: description of special requirements to avoid ETCS recertification after other display system modification; d) Train Display Controller (TDC): • Redundancy management; • Architecture; e) For each system connected (except those defined in ETCS Subset 121): the Functional Interface Specification (FIS). This Technical Report excludes the following items: • Communication protocols (e.g. EN 61375 series); • Ergonomic aspects; • Interface with ETCS (Subset 121); • Train functions; • GSMR EIRENE functions; • Use of the displays as terminals for maintenance purpose

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