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CR 14252:2001

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Co-ordination on microbiological Standards - Register of work items of common interest

This CEN Report is designed to give a view of CEN Standards activity containing microbiological aspects. It takes the form of a register of work items. The register includes current work items and published Standards from TCs which are working on standards containing microbiological aspects. The information in this register was produced on February 2001. The intended audience of this Report is those people working in Standardization who have an interest in microbiological aspects. It will be particularly useful for those people working on a subject with microbiological aspects, who wish to co-ordinate their efforts and therefore avoid duplication of work. In particular, this report is intended to assist in the evolution of common terms and definitions in standards that involve microbiological aspects. The register is not exhaustive. There may be other CEN TCs with microbiological aspects but these are not known at the time of writing this CEN Report. Not all the information is available for all the work items listed.

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