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CWA 16234-3:2014

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European e-Competence Framework Version 3.0 - Part 3: Building the e-CF - A combination of sound methodology and expert contribution

This document describes the methodological grounding for the development of the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF). The e-CF expert team and European ICT stakeholders used this foundation, combined with their experience and industry knowledge, to inform decisions and choices. The objective of the e-CF was to provide a common, shared, European tool to support organisations and training institutions in recruitment, assessment, competence needs analysis, learning programmes, career path design and development. It also aimed to support policy makers to define policies related to e-Skills development in education and in the work place. As European stakeholders were the target audience for the e-CF, the active involvement of experts and stakeholders from this community provided an essential ingredient in making the e-CF fit for purpose. At the e-CF development project outset, four basic aspects of the forthcoming framework were considered. The e-CF expert group together with the European stakeholders made clear decisions on; 1) overall framework structure in four dimensions, 2) competence, knowledge, skill and attitude definitions, 3) ICT business processes and 4) the possible relationship between the e-CF and the EQF (the European Qualifications Framework), in particular between e-CF and EQF levels.

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