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CWA 17302:2018

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City Resilience Development - Information Portal

This CWA provides a list of requirements for how municipalities can equip an information system that facilitates resilience building through collaboration, communication, and engagement. This marks the functional specification of a Resilience Information Portal. The portal is a platform for communication within a local government, between a local government and its overall stakeholders, and between a local government and citizens. Requirements aim towards a broad-purpose, easy-to-use platform that provides versatility and flexibility. This document is intended to be used by information technology professionals and information technology decision-makers. It provides them with support in planning municipal information technology as well as operative help for the development process. The functional specification does not impose any specific paradigms, technological frameworks or third-party programs. The specification takes into account existing information technology infrastructure and following the recommendations can complement it. The specification provides for significant freedom and room for customization. This facilitates a technological solution that aligns with political decisions, particularly deriving from a local government's information technology strategy.

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