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EVS-EN 1364-1:2015

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Fire resistance tests for non-loadbearing elements - Part 1: Walls

This European standard specifies a method for determining the fire resistance of non-loadbearing walls. This European Standard is used in conjunction with EN 1363-1. It is applicable to partitions (non-loadbearing walls) with and without glazing, non-loadbearing walls consisting almost wholly of glazing (glazed non-loadbearing walls) and other non-loadbearing internal and external non-loadbearing walls with and without glazing. The fire resistance of external non-loadbearing walls can be determined under internal or external exposure conditions. In the latter case the external fire exposure curve given in EN 1363-2 is used. It is not applicable to: a) curtain walls (external non-loadbearing walls suspended in front of the floor slab), unless explicitly permitted under EN 1364-3 or EN 1364-4 which shall contain details of the methodology to be used. b) non-loadbearing walls containing door assemblies which shall be tested to EN 1634-1. Specific requirements relating to the testing of glazing are given in Annex A. Specific requirements relating to the testing of non-loadbearing external and internal walls designed to span horizontally between two independently proven fire resisting vertical structural elements are given in annex B.

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