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EVS-EN 1365-1:2012

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Fire resistance tests for loadbearing elements - Part 1: Walls

This European Standard specifies a method of testing the fire resistance of loadbearing walls. It is applicable to both internal and external walls. The fire resistance of external walls can be determined under internal or external exposure conditions. The fire resistance performance of loadbearing walls is normally evaluated without perforations such as doors, glazing or fire resistant ducts. If it can be demonstrated that the design of the opening is such that load is not transmitted to the perforation, then the perforation need not be tested in the loaded condition. If perforations are to be included, the effects of these will need to be separately established. This test method is not applicable to non-separating loadbearing walls which, in short widths, can be tested as columns to EN 1365-4. This European Standard is used in conjunction with EN 1363-1:1999.

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