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EVS-EN 13976-2:2018

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Päästesüsteemid. Inkubaatorite transportimine. Osa 2: Süsteeminõuded

This European Standard specifies the requirements for a transport incubator system needed for care and treatment of infants, used in emergency or planned transport. It specifies the particular requirements needed to ensure the proper function of equipment during transportation (e.g. monitors, respirators, infusion pumps, extra corporeal lung support- (ECLS-) systems, gas supply) and to provide safe transportation for infants and operators. This European Standard also specifies that the equipment or systems shall not interfere with the functions of the road and air ambulance providing transportation. This European Standard does not give requirements for the vehicles, crafts, devices or incubators as such, these requirements are found in other standards. However, transport incubators are normally combined with other equipment to form a transport incubator system.

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