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EVS-EN 50107-3:2018

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Product standard covering luminous signs with discharge lamps and/or LED (light emitting diodes) and/or EL (electroluminescent) lightsources with a nominal voltage not exceeding 1000 V, with the exclusion of general lighting, traffic- or emergency related purpose

A luminous sign, light-artwork or architectural accent lighting (finished functional sign, abbreviated: sign) shall comply with this product standard. The finished functional sign as a product fulfilling its intended purpose as luminous sign can be achieved by combining products with similar purpose through installation (according to HD 384/HD 60364 series) in order to yield a new product by itself. NOTE 1: The scope of this product standard is specified by the areas C,D and E in the figure of Annex A. NOTE 2: Even if the physical execution of a particular luminous sign might qualify the luminous sign to meet the requirements of a luminaire according to EN 60598, the exclusion of general lighting, traffic and emergency related purpose is intended to avoid the requirements of EN 60598 which are impracticable and/or impossible to fulfil for most luminous signs. To cover the special safety problems related with luminous signs, the present product standard is intended.

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