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EVS-EN 55020:2007

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Raadioringhäälingu ja televisioonilevi vastuvõtjad ja kaasseadmed. Häiringukindluse tunnussuurused. Piirväärtused ja mõõtemeetodid

Applies to television broadcast receivers, sound broadcast receivers and associated equipment intended for use in the residential, commercial and light industrial environment. Describes the methods of measurement and specified limits applicable to sound and television receivers and to associated equipment with regard to their immunity characteristics to disturbing signals. This standard is also applicable to the immunity of outdoor units of direct to home (DTH) satellite receiving systems for individual reception. Defines the immunity test requirements for equipment defined in the scope in relation to continuous and transient, conducted and radiated disturbances including electrostatic discharges. Immunity requirements are given in the frequency range 0 Hz to 400 GHz. Test requirements are specified for each port (enclosure or connector) considered.

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