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EVS-EN 60068-2-58:2015

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Environmental testing - Part 2-58: Tests - Test Td: Test methods for solderability, resistance to dissolution of metallization and to soldering heat of surface mounting devices (SMD)

This part of IEC 60068 outlines test Td, applicable to surface mounting devices (SMD). This standard provides procedures for determining the solderability and resistance to soldering heat of devices in applications using solder alloys, which are eutectic or near eutectic tin lead (Pb), or lead-free alloys. The procedures use either a solder bath or reflow method and are applicable only to specimens or products designed to withstand short term immersion in molten solder or limited exposure to reflow systems. The solder bath method is applicable to SMDs designed for flow soldering and SMDs designed for reflow soldering when the solder bath (dipping) method is appropriate. The reflow method is applicable to the SMD designed for reflow soldering, to determine the suitability of SMDs for reflow soldering and when the solder bath (dipping) method is not appropriate. The objective of this standard is to ensure solderability of component lead or termination. In addition, test methods are provided to ensure that the component body can resist against the heat load to which it is exposed during soldering.

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