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EVS-EN 60068-2-69:2007

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Environmental testing -- Part 2: Tests - Test Te: Solderability testing of electronic components for surface mounting devices (SMD) by the wetting balance method

This part of IEC 60068 outlines test Te, solder bath wetting balance method and solder globule wetting balance method, applicable for surface mounting devices. These methods determine quantitatively the solderability of terminations on surface mounting devices. IEC 60068-2-54 is also available for surface mounting devices and should be consulted if applicable. The procedures describe the solder bath wetting balance method and the solder globule wetting balance method and are both applicable to components with metallic terminations and metallized solder pads. This standard provides the standard procedures for solder alloys containing lead (Pb) and for lead-free solder alloys.

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