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EVS-EN 60706-5:2007

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Maintainability of equipment -- Part 5: Testability and diagnostic testing

The purpose of this part of IEC 60706 is to – provide guidance for the early consideration of testability aspects in design and development; – assist in determining effective test procedures as an integral part of operation and maintenance. This International Standard can be applied to all types of products which may include commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) items. In this respect, it does not matter whether the product belongs to mechanical, hydraulic, electrical or some other technology. In addition, this International Standard applies to the development of any products, with the aim of designing the product characteristics so that they are verifiable (testable). The objective of this International standard is to ensure that prerequisites relating to the testability of products are defined in the preliminary phases of development, laid down by the customer, implemented, documented and verified during development. This International Standard also provides methods to implement and assess testability as an integral part of the product design. It recommends that the product testability documentation should be continually updated over the product's life cycle.

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