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EVS-EN 9115:2018

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Quality Management Systems - Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations - Deliverable Software (Supplement to EN 9100)

The requirements of EN 9100 apply with the following clarification for software. Organizations whose products are deliverable software or contain deliverable software should use the supplemental EN 9115 standard when planning and evaluating the software design, development, release, procurement, and management activities of the organization. The EN 9115 standard provides guidance to the requirements of EN 9100 when it is desired to add “deliverable software” to the organization’s EN 9100-registration certificate, and a greater depth of specificity and granularity to the requirements for assuring that the objectives of EN 9100 will be met for deliverable software. NOTE This document is independent of the life cycle models (e.g., waterfall, spiral, agile, evolutionary, incremental) or methodology (e.g., objected oriented design, unified modelling language).

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