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EVS-EN 9136:2018

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Aerospace series - Root cause analysis and problem solving (9S Methodology)

The objective of any organization, as part of continual improvement, is to reduce the number of issues (i.e. undesirable conditions, defects, failures) and to minimize their impact on quality, delivery performance, and cost. This includes having processes in place to detect and eradicate significant and recurrent issues, which implies having well identified problems, a common understanding of their impact and associated root causes, and having defined and implemented adequate actions so that these problems, including similar issues will not happen again. Propose a methodology to improve the way escapes and issues are managed, including communication between all parties [e.g. engineering, Materials Review Board (MRB), manufacturing, manufacturing engineering, supplier, customer] to reduce their impact, contain them as far upstream as possible, and prevent recurrence (i.e. ensure the right measures are taken at the right location and at the right time).

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