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EVS-EN IEC 60276:2019

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Carbon brushes, brush holders, commutators and slip-rings - Definitions and nomenclature

IEC 60276:2018 applies to carbon brushes for electrical machinery. This edition applies only to carbon brushes for commutators and slip-rings in rotating machines. Terms and definitions are relative to the brush construction (references 100’s to 500’s and parts of 900’s) and to the markings when operating on a rotating machine (references 600’s to 800’s). This new edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: - Some nomenclature has been deleted or added, whereas remaining definitions have been detailed and clarified, to reflect the technical evolution since 1987. - Additional definitions have been included to address the request for reviewing this standard, in particular nomenclature of commutator/slip-rings markings, brush markings and commutation sparks codes.

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