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EVS-EN ISO 14820-2:2019

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Fertilizers and liming materials - Sampling and sample preparation - Part 2: Sample preparation (ISO 14820-2:2016)

  • Staatus: Kehtetu
  • Eeldatav eestikeelse tõlke avaldamise kuupäev:
  • Seotud dokumendid: puuduvad
  • Eelmine versioon: puuduvad
  • Järgmine versioon: puuduvad
  • Alusdokumendid: ISO 14820-2:2016; EN ISO 14820-2:2019
  • Tegevusala (ICS): 65.080 Väetised
  • Direktiivid või määrused: puuduvad

ISO 14820-2:2016 specifies methods for the reduction and preparation of samples of fertilizers and liming materials and sets out the requirements for sample preparation reports. It also specifies methods for the preparation of test samples and test portions from laboratory samples of fertilizer for subsequent chemical or physical analysis. It does not cover the preparation of samples for certain physical tests which require test portions of more than 2 kg. It is applicable to all fertilizers. NOTE The term "fertilizer" is used throughout the body of this part of ISO 14820 and is taken to include liming materials unless otherwise indicated.

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