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EVS-EN ISO 4787:2010

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Laboratory glassware - Volumetric instruments - Methods for testing of capacity and for use

This International Standard provides methods for the testing, calibration and use of volumetric instruments made from glass in order to obtain the best accuracy in use. NOTE Testing is the process by which the conformity of the individual volumetric instrument with the appropriate standard is determined, culminating in the determination of its error of measurement at one or more points. The International Standards for the individual volumetric instruments include clauses on the definition of capacity; these clauses describe the method of manipulation in sufficient detail to define the capacity without ambiguity. This International Standard contains supplementary information. The procedures are applicable to volumetric instruments with nominal capacities in the range of 0,1 ml to 10 000 ml. These include: single-volume pipettes (see ISO 648) without subdivisions; graduated measuring pipettes and dilution pipettes, with partial or complete subdivisions (see ISO 835); burettes (see ISO 385); volumetric flasks (see ISO 1042); and graduated measuring cylinders (see ISO 4788). The procedures are not recommended for testing of volumetric instruments with capacities below 0,1 ml such as micro-glassware. This International Standard does not deal specifically with pyknometers as specified in ISO 3507. However, the procedures specified below for the determination of volume of glassware can, for the most part, also be followed for the calibration of pyknometers.

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