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ISO 17679:2016

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Staatus: Kehtiv

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Tourism and related services -- Wellness spa -- Service requirements

  • Staatus: Kehtiv
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  • Tegevusala (ICS): 03.080.30 Tarbijateenused
    03.200 Puhkus. Turism
  • Direktiivid või määrused: puuduvad

ISO 17679:2016 establishes the service requirements of a wellness spa, the main supporting processes and the quality of service to be provided to the client. ISO 17679:2016 can be used by all types and sizes of wellness spas even if it is part of another activity (e.g. accommodation facilities, fitness centres and hospitals). ISO 17679:2016 does not include any accommodation or food and beverage requirements. ISO 17679:2016 does not apply to medical spas and thalassotherapy centres. ISO 17679:2016 does not cover decisions that are related to medical professions, medical training or any religious aspects.

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