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prEN IEC 63203-402-1:2019

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Wearable electronic devices and technologies - Part 402-1: Devices and Systems - Accessory - Test methods of glove-type motion sensors for measuring finger movements

This International standard specifies test methods for wearable glove-type motion sensors to measure finger movements. The measurement methods include goniometric parameters related to the finger postures and flexion dynamics. Glove-type motion sensors are the type of gloves considered within the scope of this standard for testing and measurement. This standard describes direct and indirect measurement methods. In the direct measurement method, the angles of the joints of each finger are directly measured by a goniometer. The indirect method uses a measurement device such as a servomotor-based angle-measuring device. This standard is applicable to angle measurement of all gloves with glove-type motion sensors without limitation of the device technology or size. By following this standard, the accuracy of the sensor can be provided.

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