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Collection service

The standard collection service with updates is for a user who requires a large number of standards every day.

  • The minimum number of documents in a collection is 100.
  • The minimum number of users (licenses) is 2.
  • Both Estonian and European standards can be added to a collection.
  • Redline format products cannot be added to the collection.
  • Adding standard to collection costs less than buying standards separately from the e-shop.
  • The service agreement will be concluded for one year and, if desired, it can be extended one year at a time.
  • The collection service allows for standards to be used in an assigned number of devices or for the standard to be saved in the internal network or to a server where the standard can be used by an assigned number of users.
Renewing a collection
  • For a fixed annual extra fee, it is possible to order publishable updates (amendments, corrigendums, translations, and revisions) for the standards inside the collection.
  • The standard updates will be made available via a digital download.
Adding to a collection
  • New standards of interest can be added to the collection on a constant basis, being available for instant download.
  • An invoice for the standards that have been added to the service will be issued at the end of quarter.
Do you want to start using the service?
  • To receive a quote, please send a list of your required standards with the number of users to our customer service e-mail at

If you should have any additional questions, please contact our customer service:
e-mail, phone +372 605 5060.