EVS Bulletin

EVS Bulletin is the official bulletin of the Estonian Centre for Standardisation and Accreditation, which is published electronically on the EVS website twice a month, usually within the first and third working week of the month. Pursuant to the Product Conformity Act, Estonian standards enter into force after publication thereof in the EVS Bulletin and standards are also declared withdrawn with the publication of a corresponding notice in the EVS Bulletin.

EVS Bulletin (EVS Teataja) is available only in estonian language and you can find published PDF-versions here.

Published in the EVS Bulletin:
  • information regarding standardisation activities (e.g. the establishing of Technical Committees),
  • a list of standard plans submitted for public enquiry by ICS group,
  • a list of published Estonian standards by ICS group,
  • a list of replaced or revoked standards by ICS group,
  • lists of Estonian standards transposing harmonised standards,
  • for open commenting, a list of Estonian standard plans prepared using the translation method,
  • a list of compilation propositions for original Estonian standards.
  • information regarding a review of original standards,
  • a list of standard corrigendums prepared for standards in Estonian,
  • information regarding the amendment of standard headings,
  • a list of standards published in Estonian.