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EVS Bulletin

EVS Bulletin is the official bulletin of the Estonian Centre for Standardisation and Accreditation, which is published electronically on the EVS website twice a month, usually within the first and third working week of the month. Pursuant to the Product Conformity Act🡭, Estonian standards enter into force after publication thereof in the EVS Bulletin and standards are also declared withdrawn with the publication of a corresponding notice in the EVS Bulletin.

EVS Bulletin (EVS Teataja) is available only in estonian language and you can find published PDF-versions here.

EVS Bulletin may consist of the following sections:
  • Established and disbanded standardisation committees
  • New (published) Estonian standards and standard-like documents
  • Replaced or withdrawn Estonian standards and standard-like documents
  • Public enquiry of standards drafts
  • Translation draft texts for commenting
  • New work proposals for home-grown standards and standard-like documents
  • Periodic review of home-grown standards and standard-like documents
  • Confirming home-grown standards for a period of time
  • Withdrawal enquiry
  • Notification of availability of European standard
  • Corrigendums prepared for standards in Estonian
  • New standards and standard-like documents published in Estonian
  • Modifications of standard titles
  • New harmonized standards