New document sets control measures to protect employees and workers, planning for risks and hazards users might incur into during emergency services.
Health and safety at work not only saves lives, it is essential to effective business performance. New ISO 45001 handbook has just been published to help small organizations get the most out of it.
Adventure is the spice of life and, when it comes to tourism, it can make for a memorable, rewarding experience. But it is not without its risks, so minimizing those risks is at the heart of several specific ISO standards.
The asparagus market is in full bloom everywhere. As trade grows, so too does the need for clearly defined and agreed specifications for the industry to use. A new International Standard has just been published to support its healthy growth.
Reducing and managing risks related to medical devices is the objective of a key industry standard, EN ISO 14971. Detailed guidance to optimize its use has just been updated.
In today’s economy, controlling costs and maintaining competitiveness are paramount, and companies are going back to basics. Businesses are leveraging their energy management systems as one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce operating expenses and help control costs.