Medical laboratory testing 27.01.2021
As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted, the development of accurate diagnostic tests plays an important role in outbreak management.
Clean green fish 15.01.2021
Choosing climate-friendly seafood should get easier with a new standard just published.
The Standard for PDF is revised 13.01.2021
Ensuring the world’s most popular document format is as relevant as ever.
Steering clear of danger 11.01.2021
New guidance for the effective use of safety signs is published.
Working safely in a pandemic 06.01.2021
Experts have worked tirelessly to produce new guidelines aiding the fight against COVID-19.
Keeping an eye on information security 25.12.2020
The internationally agreed standard for IS governance has just been updated.
Temperatures rising 23.12.2020
The climate is in a state of emergency. But there is still much we can do.
The right result in medical laboratories 17.12.2020
Improving the accuracy of microbial pathogen testing with new International Standard just published.
Leaving no drop to waste 16.12.2020
Standards to support treating wastewater for irrigation projects just updated.
Managing biorisk: Why we need ISO 35001 16.12.2020
With virus testing at the centre of many COVID strategies, the standard for managing biorisk has arrived at just the right time.