A new standard contributes to the efficiency of disinfecting medical tools 26.11.2021
The new EN ISO 15883-5 comprises cleaning performance and conformity testing requirements.
ISO and IEC expert group wins another Emmy Award 08.11.2021
MPEG file format subgroup recognized for essential contribution to video and audio technology.
Zero-energy buildings 03.11.2021
New guidance just published.
Medical tourism rebounds 28.10.2021
An ISO standard has been published to support its safe and healthy growth.
Saving energy step by step 26.10.2021
New guidance on taking a phased approach to energy management.
A common language for digital currencies 19.10.2021
New standard for digital token identifier keeps everyone on the same spreadsheet.
Food for the future 15.10.2021
Standards for a sustainable agri-food system on World Food Day.
A shared vision for a better world 14.10.2021
On 14th October we celebrate World Standards Day.
Better business trips 11.10.2021
New international guidance for managing the risks has just been published.
First ever international benchmark for good governance 07.10.2021
Purpose and sustainability at the heart of ISO 37000.