Logging on to learn 07.05.2021
New standard for distance learning just published.
Out of the box 05.05.2021
New standard for compliance management makes everyone a winner.
How to build a resilient workforce 28.04.2021
World Day for Safety and Health at Work is held today, April 28th
Getting the best out of ISO 9001 23.04.2021
Standards to support ISO 9001 have just been updated.
Vegetarian product labelling 12.04.2021
A new standard for defining vegan and vegetarian goods will give consumers confidence in their purchasing choices.
Something smells good 09.04.2021
A standard for substantiating sensory claims on products just published.
World Health Day focuses on reducing the disparities 07.04.2021
Building a fairer, healthier world with standards.
Improving project management 31.03.2021
Two new foundational standards that provide overarching guidance have just been updated and expanded.
Global risks in a Covid-19 world 29.03.2021
Our biggest threats and how we can prepare for them.
22 March is International World Water Day 22.03.2021
Standards that protect our most precious resource.