A new edition of EN ISO 13849-1:2023 on safety-related parts of control systems 29.05.2023
CEN Technical Committee 114 "Safety of machinery" just published an updated and reorganized version of EN ISO 13849-1.
How cyber security standards help remove technical barriers to trade 15.05.2023
International trade relies heavily on digital systems and data exchange. International standards can help ensure the security and integrity of these digital transactions.
Freight trucks: a most promising market for hydrogen 15.05.2023
Hydrogen fuel vehicle is an attractive alternative for the road transport industry.
The multiple applications of AI in transport 10.05.2023
Artificial intelligence has become so deeply ingrained in our daily lives that its presence is no longer a source of wonderment. The transport sector is a case in point.
Cyber security for operational technology 24.04.2023
The boundaries between IT and OT are becoming increasingly blurred as industrial systems become more interconnected and digital.
Measuring the sound quality of TV sets 29.03.2023
A new standard specifies acoustical measurement methods for TV sets, monitors with built-in loudspeakers and other audio devices, such as flat-panel loudspeakers.
Key sporting events bet on the metaverse 03.03.2023
Sport is an area where new tech is tried and tested. The metaverse is the new frontier, with many companies vying to fill that space.
How tech giants are building cyber resilience 06.02.2023
Distrust pushes us into self-limiting stigmas, but standards can help us be confidently vulnerable and resilient.
Content gauges for LPG pressure vessels 21.12.2022
Many countries in Europe are resorting to importing gas in its liquid format (liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG). How to ensure the safety of content gauges for LPG vessels?
Country codes connecting the world 13.12.2022
A standard that sets out internationally recognized codes made up of letters and numbers .