Excellence in customer service 27.07.2021
New international guidance makes everyone a winner.
Tourism for all 23.07.2021
Recognizing the importance of removing unnecessary barriers to tourism, a new standard is published to help the industry make travel accessible to everyone.
Low speed automated driving systems 22.07.2021
New standard just published.
Third-party payment security 15.07.2021
A new standard for the information systems that provide TPP services has just been published to facilitate the safe development of the technology.
Paving the way to a more sustainable world 06.07.2021
Ceramic tiles are the subject of the first International Standard for sustainable products.
ISO 9001 gets quality check 30.06.2021
The world’s favorite standard is still as relevant as ever.
Best in small packages 25.06.2021
Supporting small businesses on Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day.
Mental health in the workplace 17.06.2021
The world’s first International Standard just published.
New handbook for preventing and combating bribery in organizations 07.06.2021
Bribery is one of the world economy’s most costly and destructive issues, ruining communities and eroding public trust.