Reading the tea leaves for a better world 21.05.2020
International Tea Day is designed to promote sustainable production and consumption, and ISO has a bag of standards that can help.
Getting the right fit for trade on World Metrology Day 18.05.2020
Measurement is a key factor in global trade as harmonized measurements mean everyone involved can speak the same language and know they are getting a fair deal. Which is why it is the theme of this year’s World Metrology Day, and many standards play an integral role in making it work.
Safe, secure and private, whatever your business 06.05.2020
ISO/IEC 27009, just updated, will enable businesses and organizations from all sectors to coherently address information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection.
ISO 22483 is the all-new standard that takes the guess work out of hotel booking 05.05.2020
For every world traveller who’s ever found themselves wondering why the number of stars awarded to hotels can vary so much between countries, there’s a new International Standard.
New ISO standard rolls out practical tips for employee engagement 30.04.2020
The arrival of ISO 10018 promises to shake up the marketplace – even for the most innovative of organizations. Learn ways to engage people in your quality management system and enhance their involvement and competence within it.
Covid-19: addressing workplace challenges on World Day for Safety and Health at Work 27.04.2020
Keeping safe and healthy in the workplace is important at any time, but even more so in times like these. This year’s World Day for Safety and Health at Work addresses the Covid-19 pandemic and ISO is right behind the efforts with guidance to help
Environmental communication standard has just been updated 16.04.2020
Organisations everywhere are increasingly expected to communicate their environmental policies and commitments as well as the implications of what they do.
Sunday 22 March is World Water Day 09.03.2020
Water is one of the world’s most powerful weapons against climate change. Without it, we would have no natural protection such as wetlands, mangroves and peatlands to protect us from flooding and erosion or capture carbon emissions.
Unveiling the new EVS.EE 08.03.2020
New version of our website with an integrated e-shop is now available