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Commenting on translations

To ensure that standards and standard-like documents that are published in Estonian, but which were originally not drafted in Estonian, are worded precisely and comprehensibly for standard users, the translation draft is subject to public comment before the document is published in Estonian.

During the prescribed interval (typically 30 days), the interested experts of the field can study the translated draft and submit proposals and comments about the translated draft.

Information about commenting on translated drafts is published in the EVS Bulletin, in the section “Tõlked kommenteerimisel”.

The following information is given about each translated draft that is open for public comment:

  • reference,
  • title in Estonian,
  • translation of the scope,
  • language of the translation,
  • reference of the document, on which the translation is based,
  • deadline for submitting the comments.

You can study the translated drafts and submit your comments in the commenting portal.