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Electronic standards with a multi-user license

The Estonian Centre for Standardisation and Accreditation provides the opportunity to buy electronic standards with a multi-user license, which is the correct and convenient way to acquire standards according to the number of standard users in an organisation. Standards are the objects of copyright, and their use is regulated by the Copyright Act. Pursuant to the contract for use, the Estonian Centre for Standardisation and Accreditation will have the right to check the use of electronic standards.

  • A multi-user license allows one to use the electronic version of a standard in an assigned number of devices, for the standard to be saved in the internal network or to a server where the standard can be used by an assigned number of users.
  • A standard with a multi-user license can be printed the number of times determined in the license, for use within the organisation and, additionally, 1 backup of the standard can be saved.
  • More information on the Terms of use for electronic standards.
  • The price of a multi-user license will be calculated by multiplying the price of a single copy of an electronic standard by the respective price multiplier.
  • It is cheaper to buy a standard with a multi-user license than to purchase the same amount of standards in paper format.
  • In case of additional questions, please contact the EVS customer service:
    e-mail, phone +372 605 5060.