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Funding of standards

Usually, preparing a home-grown standard and taking over a standard with a translation method is funded by parties interested in their publication (private companies, professional associations, state authorities, etc.). Many standards are also drafted or translated by members of technical committees without involving additional external resources.

If a technical committee is unable to fund the drafting/translation of a standard or if additional funds are required, the committees can apply for (partial) funding of the work from the Estonian Centre for Standardisation and Accreditation by adding a relevant note into the new work item proposal (see new work item proposals).

For each received proposal, the Centre for Standardisation shall consider

  • the standard’s relevance,
  • the estimated number of standard or translation users,
  • previous drafting or translation practice,
  • the existence of suitable experts,
  • the proposer’s readiness to contribute to the completion of the work.