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prEN 300 338-6 V1.3.0

Technical characteristics and methods of measurement for equipment for generation, transmission and reception of Digital Selective Calling (DSC) in the maritime MF, MF/HF and/or VHF mobile service; Part 6: Class M DSC

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Draft ETSI EN 300 338-6 V1.3.0
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prEN 300 338-6 V1.3.0
The present document states the minimum requirements for devices using Digital Selective Calling (DSC) Class M, for Man Overboard (MOB). The present document defines the requirements for equipment that uses DSC alerting and signalling in the maritime mobile bands and particularly the GMDSS distress and safety channels. Such equipment is not intended to provide any subsequent communications or telephony facilities.
The present document is part 6 of a multi-part deliverable that covers the channel access rules and technical requirements applicable to these devices.

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