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Public enquiry of drafts

To ensure that standards are approved following the consensus principles, the standard approval must be preceded by the public enquiry of standard drafts. During the prescribed interval (typically 60 days), the interested parties can study the standard drafts and submit proposals and comments about the draft.

Information on the public enquiry of the documents is published in the EVS Bulletin, in the section “Standardikavandite arvamusküsitlus”.

The following information is given about each draft that is open for public enquiry:

  • reference:
    • prEVS – a draft of a home-grown Estonian standard;
    • prEN, FprEN – European standard draft; the final draft of an European standard;
    • ISO/DIS, IEC CDV, ISO/FDIS, IEC FDIS – international standard draft, the final draft of an international standard;
  • title;
  • scope;
  • language;
  • reference of a basis document (if it exists);
  • documents to be superseded (if they exist);
  • deadline for submitting your opinion.

You can study the drafts and submit your comments in the commenting portal.