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Public information

Of the information held by the Estonian Centre for Standardisation and Accreditation, any documented information or information saved on any data medium, which has been created while performing the tasks established by the Product Conformity Attestation Act and by the budgetary appropriation agreement, is considered to be public information, including the following standards related information:

  • information related to performing the national standardisation plan;
  • information related to the standardisation duties arising from being a member of European and international standardisation organisations (including information on voting and voting results);
  • information related to participating in the work of international and European standardisation organisations;
  • the standardisation programme and national standardisation plan and information related to its compilation;
  • EVS Bulletin and information related to its compilation;
  • information related to processing Estonian standards that are being compiled and have been published;
  • information related to processing harmonised standards;
  • information related to notifications regarding standards and standardisation programmes that are being drafted and have been published;
  • information related to the use of funds received from the state budget, or received as support, to perform the public tasks of the EVS.

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