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Quality Principles

For standardisation related activities Estonian Centre for Standardisation and Accreditation implements a quality management system. The scope of the system is oprating as a national standardisation organisation, including developing Estonian standards, providing oportunities to participate in the development process of European and international standards, distributing information on standardisation and organising standards related trainings.

Our quality policy
  • As a national standardisation organisation we provide a high quality, reliable service that meets customer expectations, following the best practices and applying modern solutions.
  • We follow and comply with all applicable requirements and do more than law and rules of standardisation, including membership requirements, oblige us.
  • We act in a timely manner, and are competent in our activities by developing our employees
  • Following the principle of continual improvement, we improve our quality management system on an on-going basis, aiming to ensure high quality of products and services, and customer satisfaction with our activities among standards’ developers, users and other stakeholders.