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The periodic review of home-grown EVS documents

Home-grown Estonian standards and publications (EVS/TS, EVS JUHEND) are generally reviewed every five years. The objective of the review is to check

  • the State of Art of the document,
  • compliance with the current requirements and valid legislation,
  • conformity with international or European basis documents, etc.

The review is typically conducted by a committee that is active within the scope of the document. Interested experts in the field can usually give their input for the review process within the specified interval (typically 30 days).

The notification about initiating the review is published in the EVS Bulletin in the section “Standardite ja standardilaadsete dokumentide ülevaatus” or “Tühistamisküsitlus”.

The following information is given about each document that is being reviewed:

  • reference,
  • title,
  • scope,
  • deadline for giving input.

As a result of the review

  • the document is confirmed for a period of time and receives a new review deadline,
  • drafting of an amendment or revision is initiated,
  • the document is withdrawn.

A notification about the review result is published in the EVS Bulletin in the section “Algupäraste standardite kehtivuse pikendamine“, „Algupäraste standardite ja standardilaadsete dokumentide koostamine“ or „Asendatud või tühistatud Eesti standardid ja standardilaadsed dokumendid“.