How to select the correct standard?

Getting into standards is easier when you realize they all have a similar layout. Knowing what to look out for in a standard helps you quickly grasp the topic and speeds up your information search.

EN, ISO, IEC standards – What is what?

Standards designations can appear as cryptic codes, initially as bewildering as hieroglyphics. In this blog post, we explain what the different prefixes and numbers mean.

Standardisation: boosting productivity and trade

A new macroeconomic report was carried out in the Nordics and the Netherlands. It shows us the remarkable impact of standardisation on Nordic economies. The report finds out how much of labour productivity and total export growth in the past decades is associated with increased standardisation.

Safeguarding standards with copyright

In Estonia, everything related to copyright is regulated by the Copyright Act. For standards, copyright helps to ensure their accuracy, integrity, and fair use. We will explore, how to cite or reference a standard and what to keep in mind when using copyrighted content.

Free tools to stay up to date with the latest standards

Staying up to date with new versions of standards can be time-consuming, especially if you work with several standards. However, it's essential to keep up with the latest updates to ensure that you're using the most current and relevant information.