Electronic standards with a single-user license

All single-user license electronic standards sold by the Estonian Centre for Standardisation and Accreditation are protected by the FileOpen software interface. The purpose of implementing the plugin is to reduce the illegal copying and distribution of standards, arising from internationally agreed standard distribution rules and based upon the Copyright Act.

  • A single-user license standard (PDF file) can be used for a unlimited time in the device where the file is first opened.
  • If you switch devices or if another issue arises, you can transfer the reading right, if backups exist, to some other device with the help of the EVS customer service.
  • You can print the standard twice, and once this number is exceeded, the software interface will block further printing attempts. The software interface considers each command as printing (e.g. one page or the entire standard).
  • The software interface does not allow you to copy the text.
  • The software interface blocks use of single-user license standards in the company’s internal network or if there is more than 1 user. An alternative would be a multi-user license, which allows the opening of one electronic standard in the devices of multiple users and also allows one to save the electronic standards on an internal network.
Downloading instructions
  • To open single-user license standard(s), you need to download the FileOpen software interface, which is available at http://plugin.fileopen.com/all.aspx.
  • Operational requirements: Windows 7+, Server 2008+, Mac OS X. NB! The Linux Kernel operating system does not support the FileOpen plugin.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader needed to open the file, download at www.adobe.com.
  • Single-user license standard(s) can be downloaded only via the user account.
  • If you encounter any problems, you can find answers from the FAQ about using single-user license standards,
  • In case of additional questions, please contact the EVS customer service:
    e-mail standard@evs.ee, phone +372 605 5060.